Stephanie Koven
Stephanie Koven President
Stephanie Koven is a writer and editor, who has worked in the book publishing industry for almost 30 years. Her career began in editorial and foreign rights at Alfred A. Knopf and she continued as a literary agent at Janklow & Nesbit Associates and Cullen Stanley International. She is now Head of Foreign Rights at Blackstone Publishing, working remotely from her home in Lakeville, where she has lived since 2002. Stephanie has always loved the Scoville Library and is happy to have the chance to give back. When she is not reading for work and pleasure, Stephanie enjoys writing, gardening, playing tennis, hiking and soaking up the peace and beauty of the Northwest Corner.
Ellyn Mittman
Ellyn MittmanVice President
Ellyn is an attorney in New York City where she has been practicing for more than 40 years. She and her husband, Larry, have been part-time residents in Lakeville and Salisbury for over three and a half decades. Ellyn was originally introduced to the area by her mother, who was an avid reader and champion of the Library. Ellyn and Larry’s grown son and daughter, together with their son-in-law and two grandchildren, cherish having local ties as well. One of Ellyn’s favorite activities is taking her grandchildren to the Library to take out armfuls of books! Ellyn’s grandchildren’s favorite author: Sandra Boynton, Lakeville resident.
Cynthia Walsh
Cynthia WalshTreasurer
A part-time resident for 13 years, Cynthia moved full time to Lakeville when she retired in 2015 after 35+ years in finance with various New York City financial institutions. In addition to being a member of the Historical Society of the Salisbury Association, she serves or has served on the boards of other Northwest Corner organizations. She and her husband enjoy hiking on the local trails.
Jaye Landon
Jaye LandonSecretary
Jaye is originally from Ottawa, Canada and since 1998 has been dividing her time between Salisbury and New York City. She was the founder of a consulting firm focused on globalization opportunities, and continues to travel extensively, but now just for fun. While not reading, she enjoys backpacking, looking at art, and meeting interesting people.
Mike Abram
Mike AbramTrustee
Mike retired in 2019 after 46 years representing local and international labor unions across the U.S. with the firm of Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP in New York, serving most recently as chair of the firm’s management committee. He and his late wife, Rachel, were for many years part-time residents of Lakeville, and now Mike and his wife Vivian (who were married at The White Hart Inn in 2015) are full-timers, with both also serving on the boards of other organizations in the community. Mike fondly recalls numerous weekend and holiday outings to the library with his children, regards the library as a local treasure and is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board.
Barry Anderson
Barry AndersonTrustee
Barry and his wife Marilyn, an Episcopal priest, are full-time Lakeville residents, moving here in 2018 from Fairfield County, where they lived for over 30 years and raised their two daughters. Barry was a senior underwriting officer at General Reinsurance Group in Stamford and retired in 2015 after almost 34 years there underwriting property and liability insurance and reinsurance. As avid readers, Barry and Marilyn have been devoted users of SML since moving here. Barry especially enjoys the new fiction section and can often be observed relaxing in the Reading Room with the Financial Times.
Sofia Chappuis
Sofia ChappuisTrustee
Sofia has been a part-time Lakeville resident since 2005 and enjoys making memories here with her husband, Jacques, and their two children. Originally from Sweden, Sofia moved to New York to continue her career in management consulting, and later worked with business development at Citi Private Bank. She is now a stay-at-home mom and spends time as a committed board member at the World Childhood Foundation, as well as volunteering at her children’s schools. As a voracious reader and lover of books and art, she is thrilled to be able to serve as a trustee for the Scoville Memorial Library.
Catherine Chatham
Catherine ChathamTrustee
Catherine has been a part-time resident of Salisbury, CT for over 20 years along with her husband and three children. She currently resides in Bronxville, NY and works in New York City for Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit that advocates for gun violence prevention. Salisbury has been an integral part of her family’s life. Scoville Memorial Library is not only the source of most of the family’s reading material but has offered community, education and entertainment.
Lee deBoer
Lee deBoerTrustee
Lee was part of the early management team at Home Box Office and ultimately helped to chart its growth for nearly 20 years, focusing on expansion into new services and global markets. Subsequently, he has served as the CEO for a number of digital media enterprises and as a longtime media industry consultant. He and his wife Sophia have been part-time residents of Salisbury for more than 25 years. He also serves on the board of the Salisbury Forum.
Anne Granfield
Anne GranfieldTrustee
Anne (“Annie”) Granfield was a part-time resident of the Northwest Corner (and NYC) for many years before retiring to Salisbury in 2019. She’s enjoyed three distinct but related careers: first in commercial banking (Chemical Bank), then as a journalist (Forbes magazine), and for the final 16 years as a senior executive at Finsbury, an international crisis communications and PR firm. Annie is an avid hiker, yoga enthusiast and music lover, with a life-long passion for reading.
Douglass Smith
Douglass SmithTrustee
Doug spent summers in his youth biking to the library in Sharon where his parents had a weekend house. Now that he’s a few miles farther north, he enjoys Scoville Library just as much, though he goes by car. He enjoys reading, cooking, meditating, and enjoying the birds and nature in the Northwest Corner and the Berkshires. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and maintains an online presence teaching about early Buddhism.