Carolyn M. BradyCirculation Desk
Carolyn is new to the northwest corner of Connecticut. She has worked in higher education administration for the bulk of her career which has taken her to nine different states. She has an undergraduate degree from Rhode Island College and a graduate degree from the University of Virginia. Carolyn has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe and names among her favorite places Venice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, Charleston and the Grand Canyon. She is an avid reader, a life-long student and has a deep interest in learning about other cultures. Her greatest joy is her two, young grandsons who live in southern Florida.
Claudia E. Cayne
Claudia E. CayneDirector
Prior to coming to SML in 2002, Claudia was the Director at Minor Memorial Library in Roxbury, CT. She has also been the head of the Children’s Department the Monroe Pubic Library in Monroe, CT and worked as a circulation clerk at the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield. Before becoming a librarian, she worked as a paralegal and a waitress. She has an MLS and an undergraduate degree in 20th Century Art and Literature. Interests are the great outdoors, good food and animals.
Lorraine CleavelandTechnical Services
Lorraine retired from teaching at the Dover Union Free School District after thirty-four years. She taught everything from Kindergarten through eighth grade, with much of that time spent teaching reading. Tap dancing, swimming, reading, baking, golfing and walking with her husband, is how Lorraine spends her free time. She also is big supporter of animal rescue having rescued over twenty dogs and cats over the years. She is thrilled to be part of the SML staff.

Madeline Metzger
Madeline MetzgerPage
Madeline is a former Queens and Long Island girl transplanted to Salisbury almost 15 years ago. She is a “page” at the Library and happily reshelves all our books, dvds and more. She loves yoga, animals, large and small, walking, reading and meeting friends over coffee and food.
Heath Prentis
Heath PrentisCirculation Desk
Heath’s day job is at the Litchfield Probate Court. She has also been an Outward Bound instructor, bar hussy, newspaper reporter and graphic artist. She has two grown sons and is an artist in her spare time.
Molly Salisbury
Molly SalisburyChildren's Services
Contrary to appearances, Molly is not from Salisbury, and originally from Minnesota. She has been living in the Hudson River Valley for nine years now, working as a mother and a journalist. She worked for the community conversations department (opinion page) at the Poughkeepsie Journal and was a member of the Journal’s editorial board. Her degree is in Theater Arts from Barnard College. Currently, she volunteers as a Girl Scout leader. Molly looks forward to producing some enriching, messy and not too quiet happenings for children.