The mission of the Scoville Memorial Library is to engage and enrich the Salisbury Community by providing a thoughtfully curated collection, interactive and inspiring programs, and innovative services.


  • Our community will view the Library as a place to discover new ideas and new relationships.
  • Our collection will encompass a broad array of physical and digital materials and will continue to be one of our greatest strengths.
  • Our programming will be varied and vibrant and will provide opportunities for members of our community to engage with one another around ideas.
  • We will provide digital resources and help patrons integrate technology into their lives.
  • Our facility will evolve to meet the needs of our patrons and provide a variety of spaces for community gatherings, both large and small, and for individual use.
  • Our Library will have broad community support and will be funded by a diverse group of donors and community partners.
  • Our staff will continue to be valued and given opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • By acting as ambassadors, our Board of Trustees will lead our efforts to engage the community in our work.


OPEN TO ALL:  Our resources, expertise, and facilities are available to everyone.

TRUST:  We value the trust placed in us by our community.

LEARNING:  We are always learning and we seek to incorporate new ideas into our work.

WELCOMING:  We strive to make everyone feel welcome.

SPIRITED: We value a spirit of enjoyment and excitement and seek to share that with our patrons.