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The Silk Road tantalizes the imagination with a treasure chest of romantic images from Marco Polo with his caravan of camels,to the mighty Genghis Khan. The route was populated with traders laden with precious cargo trudging through the desert, spices, precious silks, vibrant costumes, walled villages, haunting music, desert oases, exotic bazaars, mosques with colorful tiled domes and slender minarets.

IMG_0692Uzbekistan, located in the heart of this lush past, is one of the most intriguing countries on the Silk Road. While rich in unforgettable UNESCO sites such as Samarkind and Bukhara, it is the stunning and vibrant crafts and the people who have made Summer’s travel experience the most fascinating.


Wendy Summer ran her own marketing company for 18 years. After selling the business in 2003, she was recruited by a board member of a non profit that provided business training to women entrepreneurs in war ravaged countries. After her first mission to Afghanistan, she made a decision to start a business and help send young Afghan children to school.


Funding for her Afghan projects is generated by the sale of fine scarves and sweaters hand made in India and Nepal. She has traveled extensively in Asia over the past 11 years including throughout Uzbekistan where she visited with myriad master artisans.
Meets in the Wardell Room

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