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Perkins will speak about her ongoing travels in the Balkans, specifically Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia in search of cheese, and discuss her work work photographing the individuals still using traditional production methods.

She will share her images along with stories about the people, places, and products and put everything into context as to why any of this even matters.

As a special treat, Perkins will have wine and cheese from the Balkan region available for tasting as part of the presentation.

Babs Perkins is a photographer and writer from Norfolk CT, Her work focuses on cultural documentation and preservation. Over the last several years Perkins has been researching and photographing traditional farmers including shepherds, cheese makers and beekeepers of the Balkans. She has spent over a year in the region meeting, photographing and documenting some very remarkable people and the proverbial fruits of their labors.


Meets in the Wardell Room