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Snow date January 17

Business Mastery Series:The Essentials of Building a Start-Up and Raising Capital by Matthew Myers

Emphasis will be placed on benefits that building new companies create for Connecticut communities generating new jobs, intellectual property and growth.

This presentation will cover the foundations of starting a company. We will walk through the types of corporate structures, taxes and regulatory filings, hiring the appropriate management team, the essential aspects of sales and marketing, partnerships and finally targeted strategies for growth.

In the second part of the program the discussion will continue with an examination of the sources and uses of funds, including financing types, capital raise categories, uses of capital and regulatory requirements. The discussion will then shift to corporate exit strategies (M&A, IPOs).

Matthew L. Myers is the CEO of Kingman Prince® by Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc.® an active software as a service (SAAS) company focused on banking, architecture and engineering located at http://www.infrastructureupgrade.com. He is actively involved with the investment community through three investor networks in California, New York and Connecticut. His two new publications “Gradient” is the 1st Volume in the Nanometer Series followed up by “Prism“ the 2nd Volume in the business trilogy. He completed his undergraduate degree at Cornell University with Honors and his MBA at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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