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Recent scientific studies and reviews confirm that chickens possess abilities far beyond those of  a mere “bird brain”. These include various modes of communication including language, decision making, complex social structures, self control, emotions, and other cognitive abilities. Chickens are far higher in the pecking order than previously understood, in some cases on par with primates. Folks who observe their backyard chickens confirm that chickens are far more complex than most people realize. Join bantam keeper Leslie Watkins for an entertaining introduction into the fascinating world of chickens and learn what you need to do to begin keeping your own flock of chickens. Live chickens will be present to answer questions.

Watkins with a bantam mutt named “Love Bug”                  © 2016, Leslie Watkins

Watkins with a bantam mutt named “Love Bug”
© 2016, Leslie Watkins


Watkins has been keeping an amusing flock of bantams for about ten years. Through careful observation and mutual admiration she has become a master chicken whisperer, and a respected member of the flock. She is also a painter lesliewatkins.com and a principal of Dandelion Gardening Arts dandeliongardeningarts.com, a garden design and maintenance company.

Meets at Salisbury Town Hall