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Civility Lost explores principles and expectations for a democratic society, and how differences can be approached civilly to explore and define solutions. Differences are inevitable in a democratic republic by its very nature. Citizens must engage in respectful conversations to build greater understanding. Goens begins with how America has become disunited and concludes with what is needed for the foundation of a civil society. Civility is essential for citizens to engage in self-government.

George A. Goens, Ph.D. is a prominent author, dynamic leader, recognized educator, and featured speaker. George has worked with public and private sector organizations on leadership selection, development, and assessment. Because of his experience and perspective, he has presented seminars and workshops on leadership and educational reform for regional, state, and national organizations and for school districts across the country. Goens has authored ten books and has written over 60 articles in journals and magazines on leadership and education. He served as a Wisconsin superintendent of schools for 15 years and was president of the library board in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin outside Milwaukee. He lives in Litchfield CT. George Goens https://www.georgegoens.com/

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