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A collaboration of  the Civic Committee of the Salisbury Association and the Scoville Memorial Library

Some of the story of early America can be told through its material objects. Sources of light and heat, furniture et al. were essential to daily life, and  the resultant objects ran the gamut from simple to elegant. Hundreds of years later we view these objects quite differently. As owners and collectors quality, aesthetics, condition and provenance are all relevant considerations. Snyder guides us through both the history of these items, their role in early American life and ultimately in understanding their value as collectible objects.

Elliot Snyder began his career in academia earning a PhD in Literature from the University of Connecticut and teaching there and at SUNY, Albany.  He abandoned the academic life for life of handling historical objects.  He has been dealing and collecting early American antiques for over 40 years. He and his wife Grace specialize in early American furniture, textiles, accessories and folk art. Their gallery is located in South Egremont, MA and they sell at select shows in New York, Philadelphia, Old Deerfield and Hartford.

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