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Co-sponsored by  The Community Events Committee of the Salisbury Association in collaboration with the Scoville Memorial Library



In 1884, the 30 year old Marie Kendall and her three children moved to the northwest corner with her husband who had taken the position of Norfolk’s town doctor. Frustrated by the lack of a photographer’s studio in town, Kendall taught herself the art of photography. What started out as a hobby soon blossomed into a full-time career and Kendall spent the next 20 years photographing the evolving landscape, the elegant buildings and the local inhabitants just as Norfolk was emerging as a fashionable summer resort. 

Barry Webber, Executive Director of the Norfolk Historical Society, will take you on an illustrated journey back in time. The Norfolk Historical Society’s recently published book, A Remarkable Legacy: The Photography of Marie Hartig Kendall inspired this talk which will showcase the work and life of this talented artist. 

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