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Fermentation is an incredibly powerful culinary tool, responsible for creating over a third of the foods eaten by humans and long associated with health, and yet one nearly forgotten in the modern world. “The Fermented Man” narrates Dellinger’s journey into the realm of microbe-made foods, cataloging all the tastes, smells, and sights he experienced as he traveled the globe to become the living embodiment of the fermented lifestyle. With festivals appearing in major cities, including San Francisco, New York, Portland, and Boston, fermentation is quickly becoming the latest movement in healthy eating, and Dellinger’s experiment dives headfirst into this burgeoning world, taking us beyond yogurt and cheese to reveal how fermentation occurs in places we might never have suspected.

Derek Dellinger is a writer, brewer, and fermentation enthusiast. He is the brewmaster at Kent Falls Brewing Company, the first farmhouse brewery in the state of Connecticut (and undoubtedly the only brewery in the area spontaneously fermenting beers outside of a barn in an old milk chiller). Derek also writes about homebrewing, fermentation, food, and beer for a number of publications.

Meets in the Wardell Room

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