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Pamela Hogan, Filmmaker, presents a new film, “Looks Like Laury Sounds Like Laury” with co-producer Connie Shulman, Yoga Jones of “Orange is the New Black”.  A screening and talk-back with the producers.   Click here for film trailer and NPR story on this film.

What would you do if you started to disappear? At the age of 45, Laury Sacks, an ebullient actress and the doting mother of two small children, had a reputation as the quickest wit in the room. At the age of 46, she began forgetting words. Soon she could barely speak. For one year, Hogan and co-producer Connie Shulman follow Laury in her long, inexorable descent to fronto-temporal dementia, a little-understood disease that strikes people in the prime of life. It is the profoundly personal portrait of a woman who is facing the unthinkable and the impact her progressive disease has on loved ones. It’s a film about the power of friendship, resilience, and the essence of what it is to be human. About what remains when everything else is stripped away.

Director, Pamela Hogan, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, was recently co-creator and executive producer of PBS’s 5-part “Women, War & Peace” series on the strategic role of women in conflict, and director of the film about Bosnia which kicks off the series – I Came to Testify. Previously, she was a founding producer and Executive Producer of PBS’s Emmy-winning, international documentary series Wide Angle.

Producer, Constance Shulman is an actress who has worked in films such “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Men Don’t Leave” (with Jessica Lange), “Reversal of Fortune” (with Jeremy Irons), and “Sweet and Lowdown” (with Sean Penn). She was the voice of Patti Mayonnaise in the hit Nickelodeon/Disney animated series “Doug”, and currently appears as Yoga Jones in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”, third season to premiere Spring 2015.