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The death of a child and the subsequent quest for coping strategies is hardly a new story. For psychotherapist, teacher, and writer Sharon Charde, a decade of volunteering as a poetry teacher at a residential treatment facility for “delinquent” girls helped her let go of much of her grief following the loss of her son, or at least learn how to carry it differently. Healing can come in surprising ways across age and social class, as it did for both the girls and Sharon.

Her book, I Am Not A Juvenile Delinquent: How Poetry Changed a Group of At-Risk Young Women (2020), is an account of her journey. Compelling, appealing, poignant and often hilarious, the book chronicles the passion that grew in Sharon for pushing voices out into the world. As she and the girls shared their losses through weekly writing, they came to realize their unlimited potential and poetic talents.

Sharon shares her path of personal healing and service to others. To learn more about Sharon and her journey, visit her website at sharoncharde.com.



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