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In “A Boy Called Bat”, our young protagonist, Bat, gets to help his veterinarian Mom take care of a baby skunk. He really loves his task, and learns as much as he can about skunks to prove he is up to the challenge!
We find skunks in the evening digging through our garbage, hiding under our houses, or walking through our yards, streets, and parks. Skunks seem perfectly adapted to life around us. But we are less comfortable around them, for fear of their potent spray. As we expand our urban areas, many skunks find themselves increasingly unwelcome neighbors. It seems everyone has their own skunk story. But what do we really know about these infamous black and white creatures?
Is That Skunk? paints a complete portrait of the misunderstood skunk family, Mephitidae, and the people who love them.
We will raffle off 5 baby skunk puppets to attendees.

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