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Are you finding yourself with more and more tasks to do, yet there’s never enough time to get everything done? Are you stumped about how to accommodate kids, spouse and yourself, learning and working virtually from home at the same time, or in limited space? Are you planning to downsize, but have no clue on how to begin the process of getting rid of stuff you haven’t touched or needed for the past 20+ years? Have you become an expert juggler, but there’s that little voice of dissatisfaction and guilt in your ear, chiding you about not doing your best at anything?

If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios, Ronni’s workshop on “Clearing the Clutter” is for you. With patience, self-deprecating humor and understanding, Ronni will step you through practical solutions, that will motivate you and leave you thinking, ‘now, why didn’t I think of that?’

Ronni Eisenberg is a pioneer in the field of organization and author of ten books on getting organized, including “Organize Yourself” which has sold over 1 million copies.

For over 40 years she’s helped millions of people with some of life‘s most overwhelming tasks- from how to find balance in their lives and manage the enormous daily stressors that consume their time, to teaching them how to make the important choices that will add quality to their lives and well-being.

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