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Goldman-Price has created a volume, arranged thematically, of some of Wharton’s most interesting and beautiful poetry including fifty poems that have never before been published. Subjects range from nature, love, and death to politics, art, and the essence of the imagination.  She will read from Wharton’s poetry, setting the poems in historical and biographical context and sharing images of some of the subjects of the poems.

Few people have troubled to recognize Edith Wharton as a poet.  Yet she published one hundred poems during her lifetime, and she left us an archive of one hundred more.  These poems round out our understanding of Wharton as a woman and as a complete writer.

Wharton is among the best known American writers, renowned especially for her New York society novels and short stories, books on house decoration and travel, and reporting on World War I from Paris.  Writers often still quote from her literary criticism and her newly discovered play was recently published and performed in several locations.             

Culling from published and unpublished poems, Goldman-Price has assembled a volume that provides new insights into Wharton.     Goldman-Price has a PhD from Boston University and has been involved in Wharton studies for thirty years. She is editor of the 2012 “My Dear Governess: the Letters of Edith Wharton to Anna Bahlmann”.  

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