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Cosponsored by the the Events Committee of the Salisbury Association, Hotchkiss Library,  and Noble Horizons

Ordinary people make an extraordinary difference every day in the Northwest corner.  Most  of us are unaware of the amazing contributions brought to our community by our volunteer first responders. They are  insurance agents, carpenters, teachers and teenagers, all rigorously trained and ready to help in any emergency, 24/7. These are the community members  that are there when we need them most. Yet their contributions are often untold and unsung.

Makepeace poignantly captures the steadfast heart and dedication of these local heroes in this powerful short film, required viewing by every resident of our community. Join Makepeace and Executive Producer Mary Oppenheimer in a participatory panel discussion  along with some of the featured first responders, and learn other ways you too can make a difference.

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