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Dr Magee describes the evolution of the Medical-Industrial Complex in a compelling narrative form packed with vivid characters engaged in scurrilous behavior. Code Blue makes the case that health care is not “too complex to understand” as Trump contended, nor “the best health care system in the world”, but instead an economic time-bomb described by Warren Buffett as “the tapeworm feeding on the U.S. economy.” 


He documents American health care’s changes in the immediate post-WWII period and how these led to an ever more formalized syndicate operation that deals every one in on the spoils – except the patient. 

Dr. Magee makes a compelling case that the time has come to embrace the kind of health care system all Americans deserve, and lays out an evidence-based, documented pathway for getting there.


Mike Magee MD  is a medical historian and journalist at the President’s College at the University of Hartford. He has held similar roles in a range of academic institutions. He was a Honorary Master Scholar at NYU School of Medicine, and a Distinguished Alumnus award recipient from the University of North Carolina. Beginning as a country doctor in western New England, he rose to the highest levels of his profession holding senior executive positions at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, and as head of global medical affairs for Pfizer. He is editor of the blog HealthCommentary.org.

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