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Aimed at debunking the myths that prevent people from achieving their wealth goals, Stuller reveals an objective view of  the investment advisory world. The first myth that needs to be bashed is that financial advisors are only for the very rich. In fact, there are more financial advisors who cater to modest-income Americans than those who cater to the rich.

Myths propagated by the media, regulators, and even the financial industry itself harm every American, from those at the poverty level to billionaires and everyone in between. This is the first time a holistic view of the entire advice market has been written by a non-advisor industry insider, without bias from any of the financial services sectors.

Nicholas W. Stuller is an expert on financial advisors as past CEO/co-founder of the two largest financial advisor data companies. His media interviews span CBS, NBC, PBS to The New York Times, Reuters and Dow Jones. His 30-year career includes key roles at TD Ameritrade and Thomson and started his career at Shearson Lehman Hutton.

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