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Unfortunately, Mr. Egan, unexpectedly has to travel to an area in the rural west where there is no reliable Internet.  So, even with the miracle of Zoom, he will be unable to join us as planned.  We hope to reschedule in the future.

Fire regimes  have been historically present from coast to coast during periods of  prolonged drought. Massive forest fires are not new. Today through a combination of climate change and resultant drought, various missteps have elevated the dangers. Fire suppression and habitation in wild lands threatens human and natural communities alike  including some of the largest trees in the world.   The human toll has already been high and will likely grow, creating an underlying fear and uncertainty in many residents of fire prone areas.

Timothy Egan is a lifelong journalist, a columnist for the NYT and the author of nine books, most recently “A Pilgrimage to Eternity”.  He won the National Book Award for “The Worst Hard Time” and was awarded a Pulitzer for his coverage of race in America.


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