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Frustrated with media sensationalism and misinformation about the afterlife, Sydney decided to delve into the intriguing subject of Life After Death. This interest was fostered by the very close relationship she had with her paternal grandfather. Following a natural approach to life and death, based on his Penobscot roots, her grandfather imparted his knowledge of Universal Life and the fundamental part the Universe plays in all of us. Sydney’s path was to continue to uncover the truth and her first book, “You “Are Not Alone“ is part of her goal to provide clarity and understanding.

Sydney approaches the subject of life after death with a healthy dose of common sense, science and encourages rational skepticism.  In this discussion she’ll explore why and what we believe about death and the afterlife.  She’ll draw distinctions between myths and the paranormal and recount experiences with spirits. She’ll provide insight on how we can continue our relationship with loved ones and think about the potential this knowledge holds for all of us.  Her goal is that we come to the same understanding —they are not gone; they are still very much here with us….we just need to start listening. Sydney Sherman believes we are meant to share the advantage of contact with our loved ones.

As a career registered nurse, Sydney has witnessed death and the dying process through her work. The act of dying may differ from person to person or manner of death, however, the actual transition from our physical form to our natural form of energy is the same for everyone. The study of life after death (or the transition) is called Thanatology and it is a well-documented field of study. Sydney’s mission is to promote a greater understanding and demystification of death, offer the necessary information people need to comprehend death, and provide proof that life does not end with death.


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