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If you are not trained, most people do not realize how much information, useful information, your body gives you on a day to day basis. This talk is aimed at educating you on how to be better aware, and open, to things your body signals, from minor issues, to warning signs for serious disease processes. It will give you some steps to do that will focus you on paying attention, and then, more importantly, identifying the things that are of import.


Deborah Bain is the Managing Director of Prism Health Advocates. She is a retired nurse with 37 years of experience in the medical field including: EMT, Ambulance Chief, Fire Fighter, Trauma Nurse, IV Specialist, Visiting Nurse, Hospice, Oncology, School Nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing at a Long Term Care facility including rehab and an Alzheimer Unit, and Managing Director of Prism.

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