Usage and cost of Hoopla has increased substantially this year and we are so excited that you love this product. Unfortunately, increased
usage translates into increased cost since Hoopla works on cost per checkout model. To keep our costs in line with our budget, we now have daily and monthly spending caps.

When you receive the message “The collective daily borrow time limit set by your library has been reached . . . . ” this means you cannot
check out anything else until after midnight. You have not lost your 7 checkouts for the month. It only means that have to wait until the
daily budget cap resets at midnight. You can continue to browse but will be unable to borrow. Instead, you can select the heart icon to add the title to your favorites and then come back to borrow the title the next day.

Whether you get your 7 checkouts at one time or spread them out throughout the month, each customer will still only receive a
maximum of 7 checkouts per month. We enjoy providing Hoopla to you and we hope that this change will help us manage our costs. Please understand that this is an effort to give everyone equal access as best we can to a popular community resource.
If you have questions or comments, please let us know.